Nearly half of all searches have local intent and 1 in 3 local searches take place immediately before a customer makes their decision. A strong local SEO presence helps businesses stand out from their competition and reach their potential clients at a critical time.

Whether you’re a physicians/medical/dental practice, retail store or a business selling a service like plumbing, electrician or roofing, a strong SEO foundation is critical in standing out from your competition.

As of April 2022 Google accounted for 92.49% of all search engine traffic and Google maps accounted for 77% of all location / direction searching. Having your business listed on Google my business properly is critical to ensure organic traffic can find your business.

More and more people are becoming reliant on their smart phones for directions and recommendations. Take advantage of this and funnel potential clients to your business.

For example lets say a customer is be searching for local SEO business (Night Crew studio). They potentially would type in a term in a search engine (odds are it would be Google) like “SEO business near me”, “SEO business in Newtown PA”, “Best SEO business in Newtown” or “Local SEO Newtown“. To be at the top of this search organically, you would need a few important things but some quick bullet points are:

  1. A well performing website.
  2. Quality content.
  3. Your business set up on Google my business, Google webmaster tool, Google analytics…
  4. Site linking
  5. Positive business reviews.

There are short cuts to being at the top of a search engine through pay per click marketing. You can do paid promotion on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram. But it is extremely important to build a solid foundation, to make that function properly. Through tracking we can justify the costs of advertising, and show a positive ROI.

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